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Manual for Grant Applications

PM-OICR TGL has developed optimized lab protocols for fresh frozen, FFPE, and plasma based assays inclusive of whole genome, whole transcriptome and circulating tumor DNA profiling. We use an optimized instance of MISO LIMS to track all submitted materials, monitor sequencing library metrics DASHI and use automated workflows that follow GATK best practices.

We have summarized PM-OICR TGL’s protocols, informatics, workflows, and lab overview into a document for easy “copy and paste” into grant applications, proposals and clinical research protocols. Please see our Manual for Grant Applications, Proposals and Clinical Research Protocols (V1.11, updated 201009).

For detailed inquiries and replicating informatic workflows please contact

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Dr. Dax Torti

Project Manager

PM-OICR Translational Genomics Lab


Ontario Institute for Cancer Research (OICR)

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